Doctor walks to every major league baseball stadium to raise awareness for frontline workers

Posted at 3:05 PM, Jul 15, 2020

A former doctor is walking to every MLB stadium in the country to raise awareness for frontline workers during the pandemic.

"Every day I walked over the last 160 days," Dr. David Mayer said. "I walk in memory of a patient or caregiver who lost their lives."

Dr. Mayer has been walking and walking, and walking across the country in order to bring more awareness to those on the front lines of this pandemic.

"I'm not at the front lines anymore," Dr. Mayer said. "I’m in the operating room. But I have a lot of good friends and colleagues who are. And I felt helpless. I wanted to do something to support them."

But he's not just walking. He's visiting every major league city while doing so, with the progressive field being his current stop.

He began his journey on the other side of the country, walking across the United States from San Diego, California to Jacksonville, Florida.

In hopes what he is doing can bring about some change...

"The pandemic has really exposed a lot of the weaknesses in the health care system," Dr. Mayer said. "You know, caregivers. Over 700 have lost their lives already due to the infection. While trying to take care of us, and our friends and our family."

WEWS' Derek Forrest first reported this story.