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Colorado Springs physical therapist helps athletes recover and reach their goals

Hannah Allgood is changing lives at Children's Hospital through her ACL recovery plan
Posted at 10:12 PM, Jul 10, 2023

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For the past six years, Hannah Allgood has helped hundreds of youth athletes recover from injuries ranging from ankle sprains to ACL tears.

As an athlete herself, Hannah is able to build special bonds with her patients while pushing them to surpass their pre-injury performance.

"Seeing them go from not being able to walk to being able to walk, run and participate in whatever sport that they can, that's what motivates me everyday," Allgood said.

Recovery has its challenges, but Hannah says it's worth all the hard work, stress, and research.

"I've cried a lot with patients," Allgood said. "Seeing them exceed their own expectations is a gift that you don't get anywhere else besides in physical therapy."

14-year-old Isla Eaton tore her ACL in 2021 while playing soccer. After surgery, she started working with Hannah.

"I remember the first thing she made me do was take off the brace, unwrap it and she made me bend it," Isla explained. "It was probably the worst pain I've ever felt and I cried."

Isla stayed dedicated to her physical therapy and is now back on the field better than before. She was recently named a Team USA U15 soccer member and will compete in New Zealand later this month.

Hannah knows how it feels to represent our nation as she recently competed in an 80K trail race in Austria with Team USA.

"There's something that's special about having USA on your chest and traveling across the world to do that," Allgood said. "Running is really something that I can do to push myself, it's all up to me."

Hannah said her Sports Medicine Department at Children's Hospital of Colorado Springs is constantly researching and improving their care specifically in ACL recovery in order to help more athletes like Isla reach their full potential.

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