Coach Talk: Calhoun, Leach bring "A" game Thursday

Posted at 12:54 AM, Dec 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-27 02:58:16-05

SCOTTSDALE (AZ) — "I’d like to stay in here then and pull up one of the seats," Falcons head coach Troy Calhoun said.

Their offenses are two of the best in the country and different in almost every single way. No. 24 Air Force uses the ground and pound of the triple option to get into the end zone.

The Washington State Cougars have perfected the "air raid" attack for their touchdowns. However, one thing head coach Troy Calhoun and Mike Leach can agree on, Friday’s Cheez-It Bowl at Chase Field (8:15 p.m.) should be a lot of fun.

"Going to be a great challenge but at the same time if anyone wants a test, you’re sitting here saying be careful what you wish for, but we love being here," Calhoun said.

"I think the thing is respect everyone and fear no one," Leach said. "We have to make sure we do that. We have a lot of respect for what Air Force did this year."

Usually tight lipped, Troy Calhoun let loose on this day. Not about his team potentially winning 11 games for the first time in two decades but for the diehard baseball fan to be able to coach at a Major League ballpark.

"I want to go out there and work on my range, make some throws from shortstop," Calhoun joked. "Make sure the runners are out there. I want to know the score, I want to know the situation as coaches should."

As for the "Mad Scientist", his questions and responses were out of this world. No surprise considering the national attention the longtime coach receives during his weekly press conferences.

"I always suspected that we are not the only inhabited planet and everyone says that doesn’t make any sense," Leached said. "We're the only one, this is the only planet you’ve been on so how the hell do you know."

Two great football minds, letting the media inside, if only for 45 minutes at Media Day.

"This is a great press conference," Leach said.