Breaking down the Broncos 2020 Draft with PFF's Mike Renner

Posted at 11:30 PM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-28 01:30:48-04

News 5 Sports Director Dylan Scott spoke with Pro Football Focus Lead Draft Analyst Mike Renner to discuss the Broncos 2020 Draft Class.

Dylan: "Collectively, what did you think of their draft overall? They had a lot of picks and they added a lot of speed, I think it would be the general theme this year."

Mike: "100% they got a lot lot faster, I love their draft not just because of the speed they added but the players themselves were very talented. Jerry Jeudy going No. 15 didn't think that was going to happen in their wildest dreams; love that pick. Then to double up and go with KJ Hamler, the aggression, the play to make there, awesome. The type of wide receiver that can fit in that role and bring something to the table that no one else in this draft class has at this point and time. So Hamler, that explosive threat from the slot, I love those first two picks for a home run in my mind."

Dylan: "Was this as much drafting to beat teams like Kansas City or the upper echelon of the AFC as opposed to just filling needs on their specific roster?"

Mike: "How are you going to beat them? First three picks they go wide receiver, wide receiver, cornerback knowing it's the explosive pass game, explosive explosive pass defense. I love that they didn't zag and try and go heavy in the run game. Try to take the ball out of Drew Lock's hands. Get him to develop, give him all the weapons right out the gate and every reason to succeed through the air. Now there are no excuses, if he doesn't then you know he's not the guy."

Dylan: "Do you think they missed out maybe at left tackle or were the value picks simply better at that place on the board?"

Mike: "You can win with Garrett Bolles at left tackle on this roster. I don't think there are any guys in this class outside of our top three on the board, which were Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, and Andrew Thomas that are going to be an upgrade over Garrett Bolles, day one."

Dylan: "Is there a pick or two that you really liked outside of Hamler or Jeudy?

Mike: "I'll give you two guys that I really liked. One is McTelvin Agim, a defensive tackle from Arkansas and then the other one is Netane Muti from Fresno State. When he was healthy the past three seasons, he's a top three interior offensive lineman in this class and probably the best true guard. If he can stay healthy and stay on the field I think they have a starting guard and not just that, a guy who can be an elite guard in the NFL in the 6th round."

Dylan: "With Drew Lock back for his second year and the additions they made to this roster, is this a potential playoff team?"

Mike: "I think with the added wild card they're in the mix, 100%. It comes down to Lock, they need him to take the next step. Defensively I think they have all the pieces to be one of the better units in the NFL. If Michael Ojemudia hits the ground running I think playoffs for sure. If not and the pass defense is a little shaky I'd say 8-8 with a chance to push for a playoff spot. Easily my favorite draft of the John Elway era in Denver. I've been critical of him in the past and some of his draft picks but this one, love what he did and this put them in a really good position moving forward."