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KOAA Athlete of the Week: Woodland Park's Brady Hankin

KOAA Athlete of the Week: Woodland Park's Brady Hankin
Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-03 01:12:49-05

WOODLAND PARK — Even with the snow on Wednesday, there is almost a guarantee there is one three-time wrestling champion from Woodland Park that is still putting in work on the mat.

"You know I get in here every day I work out twice a day, three times a day," explained Woodland Park senior wrestling Brady Hankin. "It's all just to win as much as I can and be the best person I can. I step out on the mat, even if it's a first-time wrestler and I take it as serious as the state finals"

It is that mantra that has led Hankin to a 121 and 3 overall record.

"After freshman year, you start to realize the matches in high school, the big matches in the state final get a lot harder than you thought they would," added Hankin. "So you got to go back in even after you win a big tournament like that and keep working harder than anyone else so you can stay ahead."

It's the relentless work ethic, molded by his father and coach Casey Hankin, that has landed Brady a scholarship to Northern Colorado with hopes of becoming an NCAA champion and All-American one day..

"And when it comes you are good enough to be one of those guys - it means a lot."

But before this lone Panther leaves Woodland Park, there is unfinished business, which includes joining an illustrious group of 29 other Colorado wrestlers who are four-time state champions.

"I want my legacy to be the kid who has the best work ethic, that goes into a tournament and is humble, but also takes care of his stuff and wins and gets his hand raised," concluded Hankin.

The CHSAA State wrestling champions are set for February 17th to 19th at Ball Arena in Denver.


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