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KOAA Athlete of the Week: TCA's Josh Dunn

Posted at 10:35 PM, Mar 30, 2022

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As the saying goes, motivation builds determination. And for TCA's Josh Dunn, that motivation has been key to his success.

"You know, it was tough last year watching them (Eaton) hold up a gold trophy, while we were sitting with a silver one," Dunn said. "That run gave me so much confidence heading into this year as a player. Knowing I can hang with the best in 3A, and some of the best in the state. I mean we faced an MLB draft pick. Just to me that meant a lot giving me confidence heading this year."

Dunn and the Titans went on a magical postseason run last year that landed them in the 3A state title game.

And this year, TCA is looking to prove it wasn't just a fluke, but rather something they can do again.

"I want to prove we can win with the 8 guys we lost," explained the senior right handed pitcher & shortstop. "Everyone has been telling me, you guys lost 8 guys, you will not be as good as last year and I think we can compete. I think we are just as good as last year."

And the Titans have been competing. In the last CHSAA poll, TCA is ranked 5th in the state in 3A with Molby Area Community College commit leading the charge, ranking top 20 in the state in hits and a 0 ERA in 12 innings.

But when its all said and done for Dunn, the stats won't matter. It's the legacy he leaves that will matter more.

"I want to be remembered as a great teammate," said Dunn. "I want to pass something on to these younger guys. Because this is a special group of guys. They are really young, but I want to create a great environment for them"