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KOAA Athlete of the Week: Pine Creek's Brynae Stewart

The Pine Creek senior joined the 1,000 point club this week
Posted at 10:38 PM, Feb 09, 2023

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Pine Creek senior basketball standout, Brynae Stewart scored 27 points in the win over Liberty on Wednesday night.

Those stats put Stewart in elite company as she officially joined the 1,000 point club.

"It feels really good, I'm really excited," Brynae said with a smile. "My teammates we're super happy for me and it just made it ten times better."

Reaching this milestone is rare, and Eagles head coach Janean Jubic made sure her team was aware of that.

"This is a really big accomplishment, I've been here 7 years now and this is the second time it's happened," Jubic said. "And Brynae even did it during the COVID season, so she had 13 less games than most people get to accomplish it."

Over the past four years, Coach Jubic has had a front row seat to Brynae's growth as a person and a basketball player.

"She's so confident, she's so poised and she not only accomplished her goal of reaching one-thousand points, but she also guarded their best player," Coach Jubic explained. "It just shows her basketball ability but also her leadership ability."

Brynae said she couldn't have made it this far without her head coach.

"I've had other coaches that don't believe in me as much as Jubic, and she just helped me reach this goal," Brynae said.

Brynae's younger sister Brooklyn is following in her footsteps. The 6'3'' sophomore is second in points (behind Brynae) and leads the Eagles in rebounds and blocks per game. The Stewart sisters love sharing the court.

"It's so fun, we just have really good chemistry," Brynae said.

If you watch the Eagles play, it's easy to tell the Stewart sisters love sharing the court.

"They truly love and admire each other and celebrate each other every chance they get," Coach Jubic said.