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KOAA Athlete of the Week: Falcon's Reese Knox

KOAA Athlete of the Week: Falcon's Reese Knox
Posted at 11:13 PM, Sep 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-02 01:13:36-04

It was love at first sight for Falcon golfer Reese Knox.

"i would get there, he would be there," explained Falcon head golf coach Tony Goodman. "I would leave, he would still be there. I would go back and buy and still be there. He just doesn't say a lot, he is in his own world. That was until the first year I coached him and then you get him in a car and he won't shut up."

The quiet and reserved Reese has roared onto the high school golf scene this year. Two weeks ago, the junior shot under par at the Eisenhower Blue course, one of the toughest courses Southern Colorado has to offer.

"I think my game has always been there," said Reese. "Just the mental part has always held me back and I think I am starting to realize and understand that it's a big part of the game."

And finding Reese on the greens isn't that hard. His flowing locks of red are considered a good luck least in his eyes.

"I spend a lot of time on my hair," laughed Knox. "I think it just makes my dad mad. That's why I like it."

But no matter the reasons, the Falcons are happy to have Knox on their side.

"I could not ask for a better teammate," concluded Goodman. "He is always loyal to his teammates. He is just a good kid."

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