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KOAA Athlete of the Week: Discovery Canyon's Caden Zippwald

KOAA Athlete of the Week: Discovery Canyon's Caden Zippwald
Posted at 11:02 PM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-14 01:02:27-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Discovery Canyon boys' volleyball team is off to a 17-0 start this season much in thanks to a season, who not only leads the state in hitting percentage, but was also once a nationally ranked bowler.

"We all have our own playing style, but we also all mash together really well," explained senior right side setter Caden Zippwald. "It has been a blast playing with these guys and winning a lot. That's been fun."

It is almost fate that Zippwald is playing for the Discovery Canyon boys volleyball team

"So we actually met in 7th grade at middle school in Hawaii," explained senior outside hitter Josh Livergood. "Funny enough, I actually went to his baseball tryout for his team. I ended up playing for a different team. A week later I saw him on the frst day of school and ever since then we have been great fiends"

That fate became a reality this year. After moving 11 times in his life, the military brat would call Southern Colorado home in 2018 - the longest he has ever lived in one place.

Caden then decided to play for DCC his senior year when Palmer Ridge - the high school he actually attends- didn't field a team.

"When we have home games, we have to sing the DCC fight song afterwords and I do not know the words yet at all," joked Zippwald. "It is also really cool because all of our schools come together to create a massive student section. That is really really awesome."

Yet Caden's volleyball career is coming to an end after this season. The senior is headed to the Air Force Academy next year with much bigger aspirations in mind.

"So I want to join the combat shooting team and Wings of Blue," explained Zippwald. "I want to jump out of airplanes and shoot guns."

Because while playing volleyball is cool, the kid with many talents has a bigger calling ahead.


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