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KOAA Athlete of the Week: Air Academy's Sam Beers

KOAA Athlete of the Week: Air Academy's Sam Beers
Posted at 10:43 PM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 00:43:01-04

USAFA — Imagine you are a football player that can squat 450 pounds & bench 275.

And you are only in high school.

Meet Air Academy running back Sam Beers, who is that player.

"Being a running back is so much different from any other position because you get to do whatever move you want to do," explained Beers. "Because you can juke, spin, jump, hurdle."

And for Beers, he does that all and more.

"If you give him just a crack and if gets that he is just a powerful runner," added Kadets head football coach Scott Grinde.

The junior leads the state in rushing yards and touchdown. A list that also includes 4-star Valor Christian running back Gavin Sawchuck, who is committed to Oklahoma.

"There are some plays where I am like, okay we need to score a touchdown right here, right now," Beers said. "Then there are other plays where I am like I hope I do not get lit up by linebacker coming my way."

And this success isn't new for Sam. He is on pace to beat out his touchdown record of 30 from his freshman year, but this time with a little more confidence.

"I think I just tried to get rid of the nerves because freshman year I would come in all nervous, all clammy hands," said Beers. "But now, I feel like I know the defense better."

"When he was a freshman, we had a really good group around him," added Grinde. "But I could tell he was a little starry-eyed, but now he is the leader."

And even with all eyes on him, Sam still knows what is most important.

"I just try to get the mindset right of 'I am built with so many good players around me that I don't need to be touching the ball to score'," concluded Beers.

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