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Athlete of the Week: DeVante Johnson

The Colorado Springs basketball standout was selected to represent the USA in the United World Games
Posted at 10:39 PM, Jun 29, 2023

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Former Atlas Prep basketball standout DeVante Johnson was selected to represent the United States on a grand stage, at the United World Games. After finding out he was invited, DeVante worked extra long hours for a landscaping company and saved every penny. He was eventually able to fund the entire trip all by himself.

"It was so important to me because growing up basketball has always been my first love and I've always wanted to do something with it," Johnson explained. "It's kind of a hard feeling to explain, but it was the best feeling I've had playing on a basketball court knowing I have the USA across my chest."

DeVante spent two weeks traveling abroad, making stops in Germany, Italy, and Austria. Not only was this his first time out of the country, it was his first time on an airplane.

"There was a lot of nerves," Johnson admitted. "But I was also excited to be able to go over there to play."

The 6-foot-8 center was able to work on his craft while creating friendships with athletes from all across the country.

"We just clicked like we knew each other for years," Johnson said. "It was great knowing that we were able to build a friendship in the little time that we had together."

DeVante's team made it to the semifinals and he believes this experience will help him take the next step in his basketball career.

"Especially coming from Colorado, the history behind players is not as big here, it was just a blessing to know that I have that skill to be able to go do something like this," Johnson smiled. "The main goal is to get drafted to the NBA, this was more than just a baby step, it was a leap."

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