As professional sports restart, Altitude blackout continues

Posted at 12:54 PM, Aug 01, 2020

DENVER — Just because the Avalanche and the Nuggets are back to playing doesn’t mean you’ll be able to watch them on your screen. The contract disputes between Altitude TV and Comcast and DISH Network are still ongoing, meaning customers of both may find blacked out games starting this week.

“If you can’t go in person and on top of that they’re blacking out, it’s kind of just a lose-lose situation for the public,” one cable subscriber and fan who did not wish to be identified for this story told Denver7.

The dispute, which is over retransmission fees, has now been going on for eleven months, starting before the start of the regular seasons for the Avs and Nuggets. An agreement was eventually reached with DirecTV, but the other two major subscribers still remain at a standstill with the local sports channel, owned by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment.

“You’re not going to see the games unless they come to the table and do a fair deal with us,” Kroenke Sports and Entertainment COO Matt Hutchings told Denver7 in October.

According to a recent statement, Altitude is attempting to negotiate new deals, and called it “a shame” that fans of DISH and Comcast couldn’t watch their teams play.

“The big suits need to make some decisions and change it up so we can enjoy our Nuggets and our Avs,” another fan who also wished to remain anonymous said.

Nationally televised games, including those on ABC and ESPN, can be seen on Comcast or DISH. Those that aren’t, which includes half of the Nuggets return to play seeding games and a portion of playoff games, will be blacked out.

For more history on the dispute, you can read Denver7’s October story. For answers to more frequently asked questions, The Denver Post dug into the issue in June.