Annual Pro Football Camp continues for 15th year despite COVID-19

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jul 09, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — An annual summer camp continued this week in Colorado Springs, despite COVID-19.

"Coronavirus has messed up a lot of things," said Paul Browning, a former Widefield and CSU-Pueblo wide receiver.

But it wasn't going to mess up the 15th annual Pro Football Camp held at Garry Berry stadium.

The week long skills camp brings NFL players to the Springs to help train and teach the next generation.

Guys like Paul Browning, who is from Southern Colorado and went onto play for the Carolina Panthers.

"It means so much to come back and be here for the kids who are coming up behind me," explained Browning. "I wish I had that. To have guys who have made it before, who had been there, to come back and say hi and let me know - yeah, you can make it."

"This community helped raise me so I believe you should give back, when you are in a position too," added Brock Domann, a former Pine Creek (& three-time state champion) and current Campbell QB.

For Brock Domann and his brother Jojo, both college football players, they grew up going to this camp. Yes, their parents run it, but they're proof of how anything can happen.

"I was one of these kids and looking up to these pros," said Jojo Domann, a current linebacker at Nebraska. "And just to be able to come back and help out, give back the community, pour into these guys, help develop them - mentally & physically, is a blessing."

"There are pros right next door to you," added Browning. "It is a possibility, you just have to come out and work hard. And that is what we are doing at this camp."

So this year Pro Football Camp may have pulled an audible, but that wasn't going to stop this summer tradition from scoring a touchdown.

"It's an amazing tradition we got going now and its not going to stop for any reason," said Brock.