2019 Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame ceremony

John Carlos and Tommie Smith
John Carlos and Tommie Smith
Posted at 8:48 PM, Nov 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-16 21:53:50-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — A star-studded night in Colorado Springs as several Olympic and Paralympic athletes were honored for the 2019 Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The members of Team USA recognized tonight represent a combined 36 Olympic and Paralympic games, 79 medals 43 of which are gold.

Among those honorees, Tommie Smith and John Carlos who famously raised their fists on the podium during the '68 summer games in Mexico.

The iconic image made sports history, but at the time it brought public scorn as spectators booed and insulted the athletes. Both athletes were kicked out of that year's Olympics.

"I knew that I did the right thing. I feel as proud today as I did that day. I'm just so happy that so many people have woken up to it today," John Carlos told News5.

"It takes work for things to happen. It takes time. But usually, not 51 years. But I'll take it now and accept it for the young man back in 1968," said Tommie Smith.

By the way, the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame is expected to open this coming spring in Colorado Springs.

This year's Hall of Fame inductees:
Natasia Liukin
Tommie Smith
John Carlos
Candace Cable
Erin Popovich
Chris Waddell (Paralympics)
Lisa Leslie (basketball)
Misty May-Treanor (beach volleyball)
Apolo Anton Ohno (short track speedskating)
Dara Torres (swimming)
1998 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team)
Ron O'Brien (diving coach)
Tim Nugent (special contributor).