Palmer Ridge celebrates 3A football championship at special school assembly

Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 04, 2018

MONUMENT – The 3A State Title has brought an all new meaning to “back to school” for Palmer Ridge football players this week.

“You definitely walk in the school a little bit taller–people giving you a pat on the back, shaking your hand,” said senior Mitchell Jefferis.

Palmer Ridge defeated Pueblo East 47-38 on Saturday.

The back-to-back 3A Champs got to relive the glory on Tuesday, during a special school assembly.

“Last year as a junior, it was amazing doing it for the seniors. And this year–doing it for my class and doing it for each other–it was probably the greatest chapter of my life,” said senior defensive tackle Jacob Dillon.

Seniors gave speeches–thanking coaches, family member, fans, and even girlfriends.

Senior defensive end Aidan Cullen announced to the student body that his mother couldn’t be at the assembly because she was having surgery–but wanted everyone to know who his #1 fan was.

“She’s been there the whole way, even through my recruiting process… driving me to practices when I didn’t have my license and bringing me to all my football games before I got to high school. She’s been a big part of that,” Cullen told News5.

“It means a lot to not only speak in front of the whole school and tell them how special the state championship and how special the team is, but also give thanks to everyone who had a part in it,” he added.

The Bears sang their fight song for the last time this year–and for seniors, the last time ever.

Cullen described it as a bittersweet moment.

“You think about everything. Everything is the last time you do something–the last time you walk into the gym with the guys, the last time you’re in the locker room, the last time you practice,” he explained.

“And you really just have to enjoy it and savor the moment and enjoy it more than you would normally because you don’t get it again.”

“I wouldn’t want to end my season any other way,” said Jefferis. “I don’t think anybody would want to end it any other way.”