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Russell Stover Is Debuting A ‘sour Fudge’ Line For Spring

Posted at 1:40 PM, Mar 11, 2020

You simply can’t go wrong with an iconic chocolate bunny sitting in the center of an Easter basket. Regardless of whether it is made of milk, dark or white chocolate, the bunny confection is a pretty standard item in the world of Easter treats.

This year, Russell Stover is looking to change your idea of a traditional chocolate bunny, however, by offering something new: a colorful, white-fudge bunny that is hiding a secret sour flavor!

The new sour chocolate bunnies come in three flavors and three sizes. You’ll find sour cherry, blue raspberry and watermelon flavors in 3-ounce bunnies, 1-ounce eggs and “iddy biddy” bite-sized bunnies, which come in a pack mixed with all three flavors.

Russell Stover

At retailers nationwide, you can find the larger bunnies for a suggested retail price of $1.99 each, the eggs for 69 cents and the “iddy-biddy” packs for $1.79.

Russell Stover

Sour fudge sound a bit too strange for setting inside Easter baskets this year? How about a white chocolate bunny with Fruit Loops blended in or soda pop-flavored Starburst jelly beans?

Or, for another fun creation from Russel Stover, check out the brand’s Dip-It Chocolate Rabbit that comes with a small tub of Jif peanut butter for dipping into with your chocolate bunny.

Russel Stover

If you’d rather stick to some classic candies, Reese’s has put a new spin on the usual Reese’s Egg by filling it with Reese’s pieces and you can find Crunch and Butterfinger eggs at Target.

You can also find an adorable new unicorn or lamb plush toy from Kinder that comes with 12 chocolate eggs if you’re looking for something that has a toy and candy.


If you’re wanting to avoid candy but still have a sweet treat, just wait until April when stores will again stock Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Eggs, which are flavored with sugar and cinnamon and have a light, puffy texture.


Will you be trying Russell Stover’s new sour fudge this Easter?

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