You can turn that temporary job into something more

Local staffing expert gives advice to land the job
Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-22 19:44:59-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — The calendar is now nearing the holiday season and many companies are ready to hire seasonal workers. News5's Patrick Nelson spoke with a local staffing company about how these seasonal opportunities could help hundreds of people in southern Colorado get back to work.

We know so many people across southern Colorado are trying to get back to work right now. Some people may be passing up on seasonal jobs because they are hoping to land a more permanent position. But staffing agencies tell News5 taking that temporary position could be the foot in the door to a great company and career.

"Putting people to work and changing people's lives is how we do it," said Kevin Evans of LaborMax Staffing in Colorado Springs. "What we have on an average day is 25 to 30 people that come through our doors and we do our best to put them to work every day."

Evans says he's been able to connect people to local construction and day labor jobs regularly. If you're open to seasonal work, Amazon is hiring a 100,000, UPS is hiring 100,000, and FedEx 70,000. Accounting jobs are open for end of year taxes and human resources is prepping for open enrollment.

"It helps our guys and girls get to work so they can provide for their families and put food on the table and sometimes just get a hot meal for themselves," said Evans. "It kind of keeps people off the streets because we have a variety of different people who come into our office and some are homeless. So them going to work everyday allows an opportunity for them to maybe get a room for the night."

While many of these seasonal jobs could go away after a few months, the experts say with the right approach you could find yourself a permanent position.

"We always tell people, if you want to work there's work out there for you, but you just have to put in the work and show that you are really there to do the job that you're asked to do," said Evans. "Sometimes it's that first impression."

Here's your Rebound Rundown to turn that temporary job into something more:

- Be up front about your goals

- Have perfect attendance and show up on time

- Network with coworkers and managers and stay in touch

- Find opportunities to exceed expectations

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