What to expect as summer travel picks up

What to expect as summer travel picks up
Posted at 8:23 PM, Jun 16, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Summer travel is back and bigger than ever following a year of stay-cations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Colorado Springs Airport seeing a big demand as vaccination rates increase and more people venture out.

"It's great to be traveling again," said Jolin Anderson, Colorado Springs resident.

Anderson is one of many passengers hitting the airport again.

"I missed my family, missed the hugs I'm accustomed to getting, the closeness," said Anderson.

She's just returned from a trip to Memphis, Tennesse to see family and friends, but it wasn't easy getting home to Colorado Springs.

"Approximately seven delays," said Anderson.

Technical issues with Southwest Airlines causing some problems with her flights.

"I'm not a 20 year old anymore, I don't just lay around airports at midnight," said Anderson.

Southwest Airlines released the following statement in regards to the issue:

Southwest is planning for a largely ontime operation today following some delays and the cancelations that resulted from our decision to pause the operation briefly on Tuesday. During the pause, we quickly addressed those technology performance issues and are grateful to our Employees for their steadfast work to get our Customers and their bags moving again as quickly and as safely as possible.
Southwest Airlines

With the recent demand in travel, the Colorado Springs Airport says airlines are adapting to meet the need.

"Larger flights, more seats in the market, and some have even increased their daily flights," said Dana Shield, Public Communications Specialists for the Colorado Springs Airport.

Southwest contributing to the recent increase in travel. Before heading to the airport, Shield recommends a few tips for people getting back to traveling.

"It's really important to just prepare and research ahead of time what type of restrictions and mandates of where you're going," said Shield. "We also recommend travelers stay up to date with all TSA requirements. Understand what you can and can't bring through security so it doesn't interfere with the security line."

As travel picks up, Shield doesn't expect delays or cancellations to occur this summer, but if it does.

"I think the most important thing for consumers to know is that when you are booking a flight, you are subject to that particular airline Contact of Carriage. What that is all of the terms that no one ever looks or reads through. You are agreeing to cancellations, delays, and flight changes can happen and it's kind of tough luck," said Stephen Longo, The Longo Firm.

Longo says under the Flyer Bill of Rights, there are some protections, but it's limited.

"Those are somewhat limited, it goes over bag fees, hidden fees, substantial delays, and cancellations. So if you're flight is canceled, under the Department of Transportation you are entitled to a full refund. It's not a flight credit, if you're flight is canceled you get the money back in the method that you paid. A lot of airlines may say we'll give you a flight credit to rebook or do whatever, you are entitled to a full refund," said Longo.

Travelers just wanting some flexibility in the future, especially with unexpected issues.

"Vouchers in place, even discounted rooms," said Anderson.

To encourage summer travel, the Colorado Springs Airport is offering 50 percent off long-term parking.