Wedding industry reacts to holding indoor ceremonies without masks after Colorado amends mask mandate

Mandate requires 80% of people to show vaccination proof
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Posted at 6:41 AM, May 05, 2021

DENVER -- For many couples with a wedding this year, life has spun them in endless circles. But now, there is a glimmer of optimism.

"In January at the time, I was just like... as long as someone besides me and Eric is on this farm, great - but now, as we’re able to have more people, you start to want a little bit more of that normal wedding environment," said Samantha Hess, who is getting married in about three weeks.

Not only has capacity increased recently but the state also amended its mask mandate, giving Hess and her fiancé the option to have a maskless wedding if 80% of their guests can prove they have been vaccinated.

For Hess, it is welcomed news.

"It is a little bit of goodness to look forward to but at the same time, you want to make sure that you’re not rushing too quickly into decisions that might make people uncomfortable," said Hess.

Hess says almost all her guests have been vaccinated but that’s not the biggest hurdle.

"Its just a matter of, will those individuals be comfortable in sharing their actual card with me knowing that other people will also be getting access to that information?" said Hess.

The proof required can be your physical vaccination card, a picture of it, or your immunization records.

For owner of First Look Events and founding member of Colorado Event Alliance, Brynn Swanson, the amended mandate leaves questions as to whose responsibility it is to collect all that proof.

"If we’re going to be checking vaccination cards to make sure that we have 80% (of people) vaccinated and then you can have a maskless event, does that mean that the planner should be at the door checking vaccination cards? Does that mean it is the venue’s responsibility?" asked Swanson.

For now, the door is left open for each case to be resolved differently.

Hess says her venue is in favor of receiving vaccination records digitally. They’re also thinking of other ways to make their guests comfortable.

"The colored wristbands that sort of allow you to express your comfort level with how close people can get so red might mean please stay away no matter what, I am not comfortable, I just want to sit over here and take it all in and green might mean, 'come hug me, I am ready for human contact,'" said Hess.

For a once-in-a-lifetime moment, many couples want to make their wedding as perfect as possible, even if it means showing up with proof of vaccination to get in the door.