Penrose, My Neighbor's Cupboard, survives thanks to generous donations

Penrose, My Neighbor's Cupboard, survives thanks to generous donations
Posted at 6:04 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 20:50:08-05

PENROSE — The only food pantry in Penrose, My Neighbor's Cupboard, was at risk of closing its doors just a few weeks ago.

The landlord of the building told CEO of My Neighbor's Cupboard, Amanda Suddoth, the building would have to sell.

Something Suddoth was not going to let happen.

Although Suddoth did not have a plan on where the money to purchase the building would come from, she did not give up.

"We were not leaving here without a fight," said Suddoth.

My Neighbor's Cupboard serves almost 5,000 people every month. Suddoth says she couldn't picture how things would go on in Penrose without the Cupboard.

"We knew we weren't leaving, we didn't know exactly, but we weren't leaving no matter what," said Suddoth.

If closed, it would leave community members like Violet Koschevar, with no place to go.

"We wouldn't have any other place where we could have come to get the food. They help others, just like they help me," said Koschevar.

Until an organization by the name of Katalytic heard word of the possible closure.

"That organization stepped forward and helped us with a large donation," said Suddoth.

Katalytic, along with community members in Penrose, donated money to My Neighbor's Cupboard, enough to save the entire building.

"It was an absolute leap of faith on everyone's part to get us to where we are," said Suddoth.

An organization that never really had much, now with a permanent home of their own, thanks to someone else who payed it forward.

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