New Academy teaches moral courage to students in the Springs

Posted at 4:19 AM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 08:54:34-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — A brand new school in Colorado Springs has prepared to open its doors during a pandemic. Mountain View Academy says they're not only trying to keep their students safe, but they're also trying to build up student character.

Even during a pandemic, it's important to build our kids' character and that's one of the missions at Mountain View Academy. Throughout the year, the school will feature nine different moral focus virtues to cultivate the skills, behaviors, and values students need to contribute to their communities.

"Our dedicated staff understands that families throughout Colorado Springs may join our school community from across the country, and we welcome every student with open arms,” said Amanda Ortiz-Torres, principal at Mountain View Academy. “ Our teachers emphasize personalized learning, where they work with students individually to ensure their learning aligns with state standards and our in-class teaching methods.”

The school, this week, began in-person instruction in a traditional classroom environment. Mountain View Academy, part of National Heritage Academies’ [] (NHA) network of schools across the country, will supply a Chromebook to every student to ensure they can switch from various learning scenarios and avoid significant interruptions to teaching and learning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether virtually or in-person, the students learn about wisdom, self-control, gratitude, and integrity, just to name a few. The students are also being taught to apply this mindset when it comes to practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

"People are thinking oh my gosh are kids going wear masks all day? Are they going to stay six feet apart? At Mountain View, they are fine! The expectation is we want to be safe, we want to be together, and we want to be learning so what is my responsibility in that? Wear my mask!"

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