Local restaurant owner supporting other businesses with silent auction

Local restaurant owner supporting other businesses with silent auction
Posted at 10:40 PM, Jan 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-18 00:50:42-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — COLORADO SPRINGS — Local restaurant owner, Daniel Dreyfuss, is using his role to give back to the community.

Ever since Dreyfuss opened his restaurant, Pies and Grinders, he has been helping folks around him.

Back in March, Dreyfuss bought essential items that weren't in stock for his customers.

"People couldn't find ground beef, pasta, sauce, flour, yeast, so we started taking orders from people, ordering it from our suppliers and giving it to them for cost," said Dreyfuss.

Even when Pies and Grinders was struggling, Dreyfuss was motivated to support his community members.

"We started giving pizzas and food and wings to all of the first responders, police, hospitals, you know anyone that was on the front line doing things for the community," said Dreyfuss.

Now, Dreyfuss has put his attention to lending a hand to people just like him.

"Then we thought restaurants are suffering. What can we do to give back to them?" said Dreyfuss.

Over the last month, Pies and Grinders has collected gift cards from over a dozen local businesses. From there, they set up a silent auction online where almost $2,000 was generated.

"The business gets to donate or sell a gift card so it helps them that way, it gets people through their door. Hopefully, the business gives good service, good food, and they get a regular guest out of it," said Dreyfuss.

100% of the proceeds will be given to locally owned struggling businesses, to help them keep their doors open during these unprecedented times.

"If they needed to pay their rent, pay their utility bill, pay their food vendor whatever the case might be, we are going to help them from not having to shut down," said Dreyfuss.

So it's not just a way to support the businesses that donated gift cards, but also to give back to the community.\

"We just wanted to find ways where we could give back and help them because we have been fortunate enough because we have been doing enough business to at least keep our doors open," said Dreyfuss.

Giving back, supporting local, and helping folks in our community during a time many need it the most.

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