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Teachers concerned about upcoming school year notarize their wills in front of El Paso County Health Department

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Posted at 7:11 PM, Aug 03, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — A bold message from some local teachers, expressing their worry over the upcoming school year by notarizing their wills in front of the El Paso County Health Department.

Teachers say a lack of accountability and what they believe is district's unwillingness to take public health orders seriously have led them to start preparing for the worst.

"We are kinda providing a one-stop-shop for them to come in and get that taken care of. Hopefully, it's something they don't have to use for many years to come," said Aubrey Huey, President of Pike Peaks Education Association.

Huey says several teachers have concerns about being in close quarters with large numbers of students.

She hopes the county board of health will follow the science being used by the state and require school districts to follow health department recommendations. She also wants them to review and approve any plans from school districts.

"Right now they're giving us suggestions on what to do, but really we need the public health department to give us requirements on what schools can do," said Elizabeth Warken. "Right now they're picking and choosing."

Warken is a teacher who came to the event. She believes the county board of health can do more to ensure safety.

"There is a lot more they can do to keep our classroom sizes small, require the masks, keep students together more," said Warken.

Huey says several concerned teachers have already applied for virtual teaching jobs, others have chosen to take a leave of absence for a year.