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First day of school in-person for thousands of students in Pueblo School District 70

Posted at 4:00 PM, Sep 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-21 19:32:10-04

PUEBLO — Monday marked the first day of school in-person for around 7,000 students in Pueblo School District 70.

With the transition comes many changes, especially for the less than ten percent of students who've decided to continue learning from home.

As parents dropped off their little ones, they were greeted by staff ready to get their child's temperature. It's one of many changes going on this school year.

"We've gone ahead and purchased for them a hat that has a mask and face shield built into it. They can wear them throughout the day," said Todd Seip, Public Information Officer for Pueblo School District 70.

Students are required to wear a mask, social distance and stay in their designated cohort. Dividers and screens are at each student's desk. With the transition to in-person learning, the district is putting their "grab and go meals" on hold.

"Our food service director did say he was coming up with a plan to have pickup opportunities for those learning remotely," said Seip.

The district says they're short staffed and are unable to continue with the "grab and go meals" while also servicing students in school.

"We think we may have this solved in the next day or two. If this is an issue, contact your school and we'll help," said Seip.

Teachers say they're happy to be back, but they're still working with the district on some improvements.

"We need to work on some class sizes on certain levels and we're still working to staff our remote learning school with a few more teachers," said Amy Spock, Association President for Pueblo School District 70.

The district says teachers with health issues were given the option to remote teach, and fifteen opted to do it.
For those teachers who just don't feel comfortable returning in-person.

"The district has been working to put together other plans for teachers that may be apprehensive for their own reasons," said Spock.

Teachers encourage parents to monitor their children and keep them at home if they're not feeling well. Larger schools in the district return in-person next week.