Colorado Springs company offering construction jobs to those in need

Crew member of Knob Hill Property Solutions working.
Posted at 6:07 PM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 20:34:20-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — At News 5 we are working to help families and businesses rebound during this pandemic, and we know small businesses are having a really tough time right now.

Even so, some are taking major risks to help those in need.

Knob Hill Property Solutions is a company in Colorado Springs that cleans up properties, does complete renovations, and flips houses. It's a fairly new business, but that hasn't stopped the owner from giving a job to those who need it.

When the coronavirus started rearing its ugly head in Colorado Springs "we actually had a couple of investors step away from a couple of projects in the beginning and it was a very big concern of mine...I thought here we go, right downhill," said Chris Sutton. Like so many small business owners he was preparing for the worst, even more so as his business, Knob Hill Property Solutions, has only been around since August of 2018.

"My company's right on the two-year mark of are we going to start making a profit or are we not?"

But through his own efforts and those of companies he works with he's been able to keep going and even expand - lending a hand to people who've been hit hard by the virus.

Sutton said, "Our company actually doubled down and we hired twice the staff that we usually carry because I saw a need for people to provide for their families...all of them had been furloughed, actually, so they'd all been told that their jobs were no longer there."

What started out as three employees is now up to eight.

"We're actually looking for more too so any experience, anybody with any kind of experience in construction that's looking for work come talk to me. We'll see if we can get you a job."

While it's a big step he's taking he said, "I'm not used to writing the amount of paychecks that I do for a small company so that's very scary for me, but no risk - no reward."

Besides giving people a job the company is also doing a monthly charity project. This month it's giving away a Jazzy 614 mobility scooter to someone in need. If you or someone you know could use this item Sutton asks that you contact the company.