Giving back and paying it forward for Christmas

Posted at 10:38 PM, Dec 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-25 10:20:15-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — The ups and downs 2020 brought are making it difficult for many families to have their traditional Christmas celebrations. To help relieve a bit of that and rebound, a local woman came up with a way to give back.

Mari Baker created a Facebook page that is now "sprinkling" a bit of Christmas cheer to families who may need it most this holiday season.

Mari Baker recalls the troubles she's experienced in life. "I was in a dark place. I knew that I wasn't the only one." Now that she's turned her life around, she wanted to give back in some way. So she created the Facebook group 'Colorado Springs Fairy Sprinkles'.

"If you need help, we are there. There are hundreds of moms in there that are willing to step in, in any way delivering, picking up, giving what you need, help you find it, we are there," explains Baker.

And this holiday season those fairies are sprinkling a little bit of Christmas cheer to families who wouldn't have been able to celebrate much otherwise.

"The look on their face... It feels good. I am trying not to cry," says Baker.

The group helped Kathryn Watson, her husband Steve, and their newborn, Achilles. The family was hit hard this year as Steve was let go from jobs twice.

So for their first Christmas as a family, they weren't expecting a whole lot, until Baker chimed in.

"Someone coming out to help us? That is huge," say the Watsons.

On Christmas eve, Baker and her family surprised the Watsons with nearly a dozen presents

"It is nice to be able to provide for him such a good Christmas with all of the help coming from everybody and just being able to be with each other this Christmas."

It's something Baker felt called to do as she says it was like looking in a mirror. "We have been in this position. We have gotten help a couple of times and we are in a good position to turn around and be able to help."

Now, the Watson family will be able to enjoy a merry Christmas with a few more goodies. "It makes us feel at ease and I am sure he will love all of these gifts."

Baker says the Facebook group will continue to "sprinkle" into people's lives throughout the coming months.