Construction jobs are out there, but there aren't enough qualified applicants

Posted at 5:28 AM, Jan 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 11:51:24-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — While our workforce is on the rebound, the pandemic is forcing many people to either have to search for work or change their careers all together. There's one program called The Community Builders Program that offers apprenticeship training to under-served communities to help fill the construction workforce shortage.

The program is usually offered for 12 weeks and has a Colorado chapter.

Calvin Williams is the Midwest Region Vice Chair of Associated Builders and Contractors and says the program gives black and brown participants a chance to learn entry-level skills.

"There is a huge shortage of minority workers particularly in the construction industry," Williams explained. "Our hire percentage is about 70% of those participants are hired. 75% of them are retained as employees."

Students require no experience in the industry and after graduating they receive job placement. These entry-level jobs pay $16 an hour, but in five years a worker can expect to be making $90,000 annually.

During the pandemic, the program has given students a chance to hammer away at a safe distance. The training is offered online and in-person. There are plans to expand the program across the country in 2021, in states such as Nevada, Colorado, taxes.

In Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Chapter offers the same beneficial programs and training certifications to fill those empty positions that need to be filled.

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