Colorado Springs basketball team rebounds in more ways than one

Pine Creek Girls Basketball Practice
Virtual Practice
Pine Creek girls basketball team practice
Posted at 5:00 AM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-29 20:52:58-05

COLORADO SPRINGS — Here at News5 we continue to spotlight different ways folks are adapting to the new normal and share the ways they’re working to rebound from the effects of the pandemic.

Some local high school athletes are not only working to rebound on the court but are learning some big lessons we can all take off the court.

The ladies from Pine Creek High School continue to practice despite all the challenges the pandemic has brought about.

“It’s definitely been tough,” senior Lola Kuehn said.

She said they’re working to steal away whatever time they can still get with the team.

“I’ve looked forward to my senior season like all four years of high school. A lot of things have already been taken away, so I’m just thankful we have a season, even though it will be short,” Kuehn said.

Kuehn said they’re taking it day by day. “I’m really thankful for the time I have right now, like Coach Jubic said, treat every practice like it’s gonna be our last.”

Head Coach Janean Jubic said their program has been adapting every step of the way since the beginning of the pandemic.

At this point in time, they’d typically be in the middle of their season, but instead, they’re rotating who’s in the weight room and who’s on the court. They are running drills in small groups. The girls can't even share a ball.

Pine Creek girls basketball team practice
The athletes can't share balls during their unofficial practice due to the pandemic.

It’s different but they’re doing it.

“We’ve seen better days but it’s time to embrace the situation. We make the adaptations that we need to in order to be our best version as a basketball program,” Jubic said.

The team of coaches has been working to keep the girls motivated so when the games do start they’re ready. That even means when they couldn’t meet in person they pivoted and went virtual.

“We had to do everything virtually via Microsoft Teams and now we’re back, but can’t share equipment. So we have to get really creative. We’ve got to figure out the best way to serve girls in practice form,” Jubic said.

Some of the athletes still tune in virtually and follow along with different HIIT and conditioning programs. The coaches check in to keep them on track.

Virtual Practice
Coach Janean Jubic coaches girls virtually.

The practice is a lot physically, but they also focus on mental health too.

“They go through and kind of rank how their life is, where is their stress level, where they are academically, in sports, with family,” Jubic said.

Then they met with the girls individually online to discuss and brainstorm goals.

“When you see them do well mentally, they do better physically as well. They’re willing to put in the work,” Jubic said, “They’re willing to put in the effort. They’re excited to see their friends. They’re excited to play basketball.”

Pine Creek Girls Basketball Practice
Coach Janean Jubic leads the team through an unofficial practice.

The girls agree that times are tough, but just doing anything with the team means a lot.

“Basketball is definitely something I look forward to. It’s definitely been a constant in my life,” Kuehn said,” I think she [Coach Jubic] knows that. She’s been working hard to make sure we have practice and it is a constant in our lives, even with COVID.”

The team is learning that when change may be the only constant, you can embrace it, and say adapting is the way to take the lead.

“It’s good to be patient and good things will come, you just have to believe in the process,” Kuehn added.

A lesson we can all take off the court as we continue to work to rebound from all the changes and uncertainty that COVID continues to bring.

The athletes are getting back to practice the week after Christmas break. CHSAA announced that Season B for sports, which includes boys and girls basketball, can officially start practice Jan. 18, giving them a bit longer season than first expected.

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