Bridging the digital gap: Low-income residents could get a computer for $20

Posted at 2:12 AM, Sep 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-15 08:49:17-04

COLORADO SPRINGS — Technology is embedded in our lives now more than ever, especially during this pandemic. It's hard to imagine a household without a computer, laptop, or tablet, but digital gaps still do exist.

PCs for People is a national nonprofit that provides affordable access to technology by professionally refurbishing computers in Colorado.

Before the pandemic began, officials with the agency say they used to refurbish about 500 computers a month. Now the agency fixes up about 1,500 of them with less staff too.

"This pandemic just brought to life an existing problem. The problem of people not having computers at home," explained Alejandro Dopico, executive director of PCs for People. "This has existed before but now people realize they need to do remote learning but don't have the equipment to do it."

CenturyLink is giving the agency $50,000 to the agency to help make computers more accessible to students and families for home learning, access to telehealth and more.

"In our new reality of remote learning and work, access to technology is essential for students and families. PCs for People has been working to close the digital inclusion gap since 1998, and right now, this work is more important than ever," said Dopico.

Individuals and families can order low-cost computers for $20 each and have them shipped directly to their home at no additional cost.

"We are proud to provide this donation to support PCs for People and are encouraged by the work they are doing," said Stephanie Calhoun, CenturyLink vice president in Talent Management.

To be eligible you must meet PCs for People's eligibility requirements, provide documentation, and live in a market served by CenturyLink. To apply for assistance, click here.