Boat rides at the Pueblo Riverwalk make a splash back

Pueblo moves to Level Red on the COVID-19 dial
Posted at 7:09 PM, May 21, 2021

PUEBLO — The end of May is seeing less COVID-19 restrictions and more summer activities making a comeback after 2020, including boat rides at the Pueblo Riverwalk.

At noon on May 21, the Pueblo Riverwalk hosted opening day of the 2021 summer boat rides.

"Now, we get to be full capacity, so it's kind of been like a switch, but we're super excited to have everybody here!" said Shayla Daniels, Recreation Events Operation Manager for the Pueblo Riverwalk.

Over the winter season, the Riverwalk did not host any of their occasional rides due to COVID-19 and rides in the summer season required reservations, a reason why one employee says the rides were not very popular throughout 2020.

With Pueblo County lifting their COVID-19 mandates, one grandmother on the boat rides today says "It’s wonderful to be back out, and the Riverwalk is always so inviting and it’s so nice to have it back open and be able to bring my grandson and my granddaughter back out".

Each business is relatively different when it comes to their COVID-19 policies, but the Riverwalk says boat rides "just ask to follow CDC guidelines".

"If you're not fully vaccinated and you're in our welcome center, we ask that you wear a mask, but if you are fully vaccinated and you feel comfortable, no need!" said Daniels.

A full agenda of opening weekend can be foundhere.