Bands in the Backyard returns to Pueblo after 3-year break

The 2021 Music Festival marks the 6th Bands in the Backyard in Pueblo
Posted at 6:06 PM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 19:30:34-04

PUEBLO — Bands in the Backyard kicks off on July 9, marking the rebirth of not only the Pueblo music festival but post-pandemic summer concerts in Southern Colorado.

"We’re very excited about it, and I know people are biting at the bit to get out and have a good time!” said Tommy Giodone, Owner of Tommy G. Productions and host of Bands in the Backyard.

The first time Giodone ever put on the event was in 2013.

Three years ago, Giodone faced health issues. Now, he says could "hike the Incline backwards" he is so healthy. However, by the time he was feeling up to having another music festival, COVID-19 had taken the country by storm.

“You don’t really know how lucky you are until you have health issues… and then you could have all the money in the world, do all of the fun things in the world, but if you don’t have your health… It’s bad.”

Friday reached triple-digit temperatures, but despite the heat, many people came from out of town to camp before the event. Kassandra Cash and her friends came into town from Colorado Springs and said they are are just happy to be back out with others enjoying the summer.

“It was something that we always just did and so now that it got taken away.. Being able to get back to it, it just feels so amazing and so freeing!”

Many campers brought their own kiddie-pools to sit in during the day and stay cool.

Stacy Brack, the Marketing Director for the music festival suggests that everyone "grab a piece of shade, get water, stray hydrated, stay cool… Just make sure that you’re staying hydrated and staying safe in this heat!”

The 2021 Bands in the Backyard offers local vendors the opportunity to make up for losses they saw during the previous year when most events were canceled.

“It was real rough especially with the big events like this, and the Colorado State Fair, and Street Rods and everything… We had to go out and ruffle up some business," said Karen Pagano, owner of Pass Key On the Go. The mobile restaurant is part of the Pass Key Restaurant off Highway 50 in Pueblo.

"We had the street rods a couple of weekends ago, which was a really good show... I know that this one will be another good show to get us back to where we need to be!”

For those wondering about COVID-19 precautions at the event, Giodone says there will not be any. If you are fearful of catching the virus, he recommends you "stay home".

"I don’t want you to come and be worried. I want you to come and have a good time.”

As of July 8, Governor Jared Polis ended Colorado's pandemic state of emergency, removing all COVID-19 related executive orders.

Tickets are still available online for Band in the Backyard until 12:00 am on July 9, after that they will only be available at the box office. The lineup is also available online.

Parking will be marked "Event Parking" across the street.