Amanda Zurawski, who was denied abortion care in Texas, talks about the growing fight for abortion rights

Zurawski, who nearly died after Texas law prevented her from receiving abortion care, is fighting for abortion rights in Texas and in battleground states ahead of this year's presidential election.
Amanda Zurawski speaks on abortion rights
Posted at 3:32 PM, May 07, 2024

Abortion restrictions and bans enacted in many states have created very real and frightening problems for many women. One of them is Amanda Zurawski of Austin, Texas.

She became pregnant after 18 months of fertility treatment in late 2022. Complications led to a miscarriage. But because of Texas law, she was denied abortion care. She later went into septic shock and nearly died twice.

Zurawski is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against Texas, whose Supreme Court has promised to issue a decision next month.

She has shared her story with lawmakers, in a Biden campaign ad and today in Michigan, as the Biden campaign focuses on reproductive rights.

Zurawski spoke with Scripps News about sharing her story and working to reach women and voters in battleground states like Michigan.

"It's really important to share stories like mine and those of so many others in this country because it helps put a face to the trauma and the grief and the harm that's being waged on pregnant people across this country," Zurawski said. "We know Michigan is a battleground state. We know that Michiganders are pro-choice, we know that they support access to abortion. And so we are here encouraging them to continue fighting and ultimately show up for the polls in November."

Abortion is intensely personal and increasingly political

"The story that you hear from me and from so many other women sounds extreme, but unfortunately it's not," Zurawski said. "And as we're out campaigning we hear over and over again from folks who either experienced something similar or they know someone who has or they're afraid that they're going to. And this is the story of so many of us who are suffering because of the policies that Donald Trump supports."

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks about the implementation of Florida's abortion ban.

Path to the White House

VP Harris elevates abortion rights advocacy in reelection campaign

Serena Marshall
3:32 PM, May 06, 2024

Texas' Supreme Court case is just one battle

"I think ultimately what we expect to see is folks in Texas and beyond be really motivated by this issue and by what's going on not just in Texas but across the country," Zurawski said. "There are 22 of us on my lawsuit but we represent a very, very small fraction of folks who have been harmed, and who will continue to be harmed if we don't fix this issue and show up and reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris this November."