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Celebrate ‘Trolls World Tour’ With These Adorable Pillsbury Sugar Cookies

Celebrate ‘Trolls World Tour’ With These Adorable Pillsbury Sugar Cookies
Posted at 8:21 AM, Jan 24, 2020

There’s no other way to put it — Pillsbury sugar cookies are my weakness. Not only are they easy to make because you literally just throw them in the oven, but they change with the seasons, so you can find them with ghosts, turkeys, hearts — you name it.

You’ll even find special ones for pop culture fans like “Elf” for the holidays or “Pokémon” to celebrate the release of the film “Detective Pikachu” last May. And now, Pillsbury is at it again, releasing brand new cookies to celebrate the new film “Trolls World Tour.

Unlike the round holiday cookies that just feature an image, the new Pillsbury Shape Limited Edition Trolls Sugar Cookie Dough is shaped like characters from the movie, complete with brightly colored hair. They bake in 8-10 minutes and are ready to go just like that. Or you can add some extra decoration, if you wish.


Each pack has 12 pre-cut, ready-to-bake cookies that can go right in the oven. While the film, which is a sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s 2016 musical hit “Trolls,” won’t be in theaters until April, the cookies are available nationwide beginning this month. Pillsbury does not say how long the cookies will be around, but odds are you can expect them to stay on store shelves at least until the movie premieres.

You’ll find them for around $2.50 per box. Each box also comes with a fun activity for families to do together while waiting for the cookies to bake.

'Trolls' - Family Gala - 60th BFI London Film Festival
Getty Images | Gareth Cattermole

If you’re more experienced in the kitchen, or just want to try your hand at making your own treats, there’s a plethora of delicious-looking Trolls-inspired recipes online.

This candy bark from Life Family & Fun is easy to make and only requires melting chocolate, sprinkles and edible glitter. If you’re looking for more of a snack-type of recipe, this Trolls popcorn from Two Sisters Crafting is colorful and looks perfect for “Trolls” fans.

Will you be seeing the new “Trolls World Tour” film when it hits theaters on April 17?

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