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Famous Photo Of Bernie Sanders At The Inauguration Has Been Made Into A Funny Christmas Ornament

Famous Photo Of Bernie Sanders At The Inauguration Has Been Made Into A Funny Christmas Ornament
Posted at 8:20 AM, Mar 15, 2021

By now, there’s no chance you haven’t seen either a photo or a meme of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The infamous photo of Sanders sitting in a folding chair, wearing a plain brown coat and cozy woolen mittens, was an instant hit on the Internet, with people getting creative and placing Sanders in all sorts of situations.

And now, less than two months after the photo went viral, there are all sorts of “cold Bernie” goodies you can buy, including a brand new ornament for your 2021 Christmas tree! From Old World Christmas, the $24.99 ornament features a seriously-detailed re-creation of Sanders — right down to the exact pattern on the mittens! And, because it is Christmas after all, he is wrapped in Christmas lights for a festive touch.

Old World Christmas

The adorable Christmas ornament is just one of the many Cold Bernie items you can buy, the majority of them on Etsy. From socks and sweatshirts to tumblers and mugs, there isn’t really anything you can’t find him on.

There are also a few other Christmas ornaments you can choose from, like this one that says “Bernie, It’s Cold Outside” (a nod to the holiday song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”) or this one that says “The Man, The Myth, The Mittens.” You can even buy yard signs, face masks, a crochet doll and a cup cozy, which will keep your coffee warm — even if you’re cold.

By the way, if you’d rather just have a pair of the adorable mittens, they were made by second-grade teacher Jen Ellis. Crafted from old wool sweaters and fleece made from recycled bottles, she gave them to Sanders in 2016.

Unfortunately, Ellis says her teaching schedule keeps her too busy to make mittens all the time, so you will not be able to buy the same pair. She suggests, however, checking out Etsy to look for similar patterns and try to make your own.

Jonathan Ernst/Pool Photo via AP

Will you be adding the Cold Bernie ornament to your Christmas tree this year?

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