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This Genius Blanket Has A Pocket To Keep Your Toes Warm

This Genius Blanket Has A Pocket To Keep Your Toes Warm
Posted at 4:30 AM, Feb 10, 2022

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Cuddling up on the couch when the weather is frosty is so cozy, but most sofa throws leave something to be desired. They are either too lightweight to provide much warmth, not as soft as you would like or, perhaps worst of all, leave your poor feet out in the cold. Even if a blanket is long enough to cover your toes, one wrong move and your little piggies are exposed to the icy air.

A brand of throw called PediPocket aims to solve that struggle by comfortably covering you from your shoulders to the bottoms of your feet. The patented, plush fleece blanket has a built-in pocket made to keep your toes toasty. It


The generously sized blanket, which measures 50 inches by 70 inches, has a 20-inch, conically-shaped foot pocket at the bottom. The foot pocket uses thermodynamics to effectively trap heat, providing additional comfort.

The throw is made of plush fleece with a velvety feel that promises to keep you warm and snug but not make you feel sweaty on a breezy summer evening, according to the maker.

Along with the standard-sized PediPocket blanket, the brand also makes two other options. The child-size blanket measures 40 inches by 50 inches and comes in six different styles, including options decorated with hearts, cats or camouflage. The throws are ideal for those days when your little one is under the weather and just wants to rest on the sofa and watch TV or play video games.


Meanwhile, the XXL PediPocket measures 60 inches by 84 inches and boasts a 30-inch foot pocket. It is double-lined with faux sherpa and weighs four pounds.

Adult PediPockets come in more than a dozen colors and styles, with options like plaid, camo, leopard print and chevron. They start at about $60 ($50 for kids’ sizes), and you can get them from the PediPockets website or Amazon.

Now, if someone could just combine the Snuggie’s sleeved design with PediPocket’s foot-covering build, we’d have the coziest blanket in recorded human history.

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