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Pancake ‘tacos’ Are The Perfect Sweet And Savory Breakfast

Pancake ‘tacos’ Are The Perfect Sweet And Savory Breakfast
Posted at 8:30 AM, May 29, 2020

Choosing what to eat for breakfast is always an epic battle between savory and sweet. If you find yourself torn, you have to try pancake tacos. They’re both sweet and salty and offer the perfect way to have your pancakes and eat bacon and eggs too. Otherwise know as “pacos,” these breakfast delights are sure to become your new go-to morning meal.

Instead of tortillas or taco shells, pancakes serve as the vehicle for your “taco” filling, and instead of carnitas or ground beef, “pacos” are filled with bacon, eggs and cheese.

Check out one of these delicious creations from Instagrammer @ajay_renee:

And that’s just the beginning! Just like with regular tacos, you can take this meal in a variety of directions. Try sausage or veggies, and if you like a little spice, add some hot sauce or salsa to your fillings. There’s no wrong way to enjoy this perfect pairing of salty and sweet.

That goes for the pancakes too. You can make standard buttermilk pancakes, but why not experiment with buckwheat or chocolate chip-filled pancakes?

This recipe for pancake breakfast tacos from Sargento adds a little cornmeal in the pancake mix for a bit of hearty texture that’s the perfect complement for the spicy filling that includes eggs, bacon, Mexican shredded cheese, peppers and onions.



Of course, the sky’s the limit with these tacos. Fill them with a fried chicken filet if you want a twist on chicken and waffles, or load them up with tater tots and bacon!

If you’re firmly in the sweet breakfast camp but still like the idea of pancake tacos, this recipe forfruity pancake tacos from Betty Crocker is the way to go.

Betty Crocker

You could color-code them for the perfect rainbow presentation, as @greengrownmeals did on Instagram:

Or fill them with ice cream, bananas, and whipped cream, as Instagrammer Lindsay Greene at @the_hunger_diaries did, and turn them into a delicious dessert option!

Potato pancakes are another option for this fun breakfast trend. Here’s a recipe for sweet potato pancake tacos from Annelina Waller that are gluten- and dairy-free.

Pancake tacos are perfect for serving at a group brunch, as you can set up a “paco” bar for people to choose their own fillings. Then everyone can make their own perfect blend of savory and sweet, or eschew balance altogether for fully sweet or savory breakfast tacos.

You can even provide a dip or three, as event planner @lisaivlerevents did for this fruit and candy-filled pancake tacos.

The options are dizzying. Will you give “pacos” a try?

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