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Nike Is Now Making Specialized Sneakers For Nurses And Doctors

Nike Is Now Making Specialized Sneakers For Nurses And Doctors
Posted at 8:00 AM, Nov 18, 2019

Hardworking medical professionals who spend their days (and nights) saving lives and caring for the sick and the injured deserve medals. But what they really need is great footwear to keep them going through 12-hour shifts.

That’s where sportswear giant Nike has stepped forward. The company has come up with the Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoe, which promises to provide optimum comfort and support to nurses, doctors and home health care providers. And they need it. According to research carried out by Nike, nurses walk around four to five miles during one shift, and sit down for less than an hour. 

Nike Air Zoom Pulse officially launches on Dec. 7 on 


Medical workers at Oregon Health & Science University’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, provided insights to help Nike create a better option than rubber clogs. These new Nikes are designed to work for long stretches of standing while supporting natural motion for all the rushing around health care providers may do.

The sneakers are laceless, making them easy to slip on. They have an elastic strap for comfort and flexibility, a rubber outsole for easy cleaning and a flexible drop-in midsole. Plus, there’s a coated toe box to protect against any type of spill and a traction pattern on the sole for increased safety. The shoes are designed with a secure heel fit as well.

Seven designs are available. Six of them were designed by patients through the Doernbecher Freestyle Program, which benefits innovative health care advances at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. All profits from the sale of the patient-designed shoes will be donated back to the hospital. 

The patient’s designs are certainly eye-catching — sure to brighten up a tough shift.

Desiree Castillo went for a mismatched pair with splashes of color.


Kahleah Corona incorporated medical imagery into the sneaks she designed.


Ethan Ellis designed bright blue shoes with funky multicolored soles.


Was Bransen Fernando inspired by Spider-Man’s attire? His design is fit for a superhero.


Sawyer Miller kept it clean and neutral but added interest on the soles.


Zion Thompson’s bright orange sneakers add sunshine to a standard hospital uniform.



All seven designs will be available at launch.

These would make a great holiday gift. Will you be getting a pair of these for the medical professional in your life?

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