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Woman buys roller skates 40 years after she owned them as a teen

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Posted at 9:17 AM, May 31, 2022

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — A woman is reunited with the roller skates she owned as a teen 40 years later.

Renée Forrestall of Canada thought it was unusual that she found a pair of skates online that looked just like her old ones.

Once she got her foot in one of the skates, she knew she found a good fit.

"It's like a Cinderella and the slipper moment. It was very strange. It was like the perfect fit. I couldn't believe it. And they felt good. It wasn't even like the new ones that I had. It was like they were broken into my foot,” Forrestall said.

She then asked the seller where he got the skates

“As he's telling me, I flip back the tongue and there's my name. And I was like, ‘what?!’ I thought, I couldn't even believe it. I thought ‘who? How?’ I said, ‘this is me! These were mine,” Forrestall exclaimed.

She said she doesn’t think this was a coincidence.

"The universe works in mysterious ways, you know? And i think things come around for a reason,” Forrestall said.