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Watch: Adult elephants react to birth of new baby in their herd

Mothers have been known to return to their herd to show off their new babies.
Kenya elephants
Posted at 2:19 PM, Nov 01, 2022

It has been nearly a decade, but adult elephants at Kenya's Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have welcomed in a new baby to their orphan-elephant herd.

Elephants in that herd have shown that they've developed a tradition of mothers returning to their herd, or from the wild back to a stockade, to show off a new baby.

Elephants are known to celebrate a new baby, but this herd really showed their happiness for the new little one.

Staff at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have only ever witnessed one other birth, which happened just days before Christmas in 2014.

On Oct. 29, early in the morning just after sunrise, a head keeper heard a loud rustling and commotion.

As the birth happened, the wild bulls went running while trumpeting from their trunks and flapping their ears.

Just minutes old, the new baby was able to stand for the first time.