Types of curling shots, explained

Posted at 4:42 AM, Feb 17, 2022

Draw shot. Freeze. Hit-and-roll. You’ll hear all of these during a curling game, but what do they mean?

There are many different types of curling shots players can throw. Here’s an explainer for most of them:

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What is a takeout?

A takeout is any throw meant to remove one of the other team’s rocks from play. Sometimes you’ll even hear of double or triple takeouts, based on how many rocks are removed with the single throw. Takeouts are most commonly thrown in the last few rocks of an end to set up or take advantage of scoring opportunities.

What is a draw?

A draw is a scoring shot, or any shot that is sent into scoring position without touching any other stones on the way. It is designed to stop inside of the house for a point.

What is a guard?

A guard shot is thrown to be either in front of the house or in the path of future rocks to make it more difficult to get into scoring position. You'll typically see guards thrown at the beginning of an end, though sometimes teams will throw them late to protect rocks that are already in scoring position.

What is a peel?

A peel is a shot meant to remove a guard or another stone out of play while also going out of play. It sets up opportunities for takeouts later in an end, or could be used to blank an end.

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What is a freeze?

A freeze is a form of a draw shot that stops in front of and next to another rock. This is typically so the rock is so close to another that it is more difficult to take out.

What is a hit-and-roll?

A hit-and-roll is a shot designed to hit and take out an opponent’s rock and then roll either to a designated spot or into another stone. It is possible to play a hit-and-roll off your own rock. Sometimes players will use a hit-and-roll to get another rock to take out an opposing stone that is being guarded.

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What is a raise?

A raise is a shot that knocks or pushes another rock forward, either into or out of the house. You could also have a raise takeout, which is a stone that hits another stone that then hits a third stone forward.