Team USA finishes mixed doubles curling play with loss to Great Britain

Team USA finishes mixed doubles curling play with loss to Great Britain
Posted at 7:09 PM, Feb 06, 2022

Team USA was already eliminated from semifinal contention before the final game of round robin play Sunday, and the U.S. duo were also unable to finish their Games on a high note following an 8-4 loss to Great Britain.

Great Britain, came into the final session of play in a tie for second in the overall standings.

With three GBR rocks lying in the first, Team USA’s attempt to break them up was unsuccessful when Vicky Persinger’s hammer throw hit the guard, allowing Great Britain to steal three points in the opening end.

That lead ended up being insurmountable for Team USA. Great Britain scored a single point in the third and stole another in the fourth.

The U.S. tried to mount a comeback, scoring two points in the fifth and stealing another in the sixth to make it 5-4, but Great Britain scored another point in the seventh.

Team GBR stole two more in the eighth after Persinger’s hammer throw didn’t have enough to clear the house.

Team USA finishes their 2022 Olympics 3-6 and in eighth place.

The U.S.’s Chris Plys will now turn his attention to the men’s tournament, where he’ll compete with defending gold medalists Team Shuster. The U.S. men's team is scheduled to begin play in the 2022 Games on Wednesday at 7:05 a.m. ET against the Russian Olympic Committee.

Great Britain (6-3) will move on to face Norway (6-3) in the mixed doubles semifinals. They’ll play at 7:05 a.m. ET Monday.