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Report: Security-Widefield hottest housing market zip code in country

Based on how quickly homes sell, how often they're viewed online
Report: Security-Widefield hottest housing market zip code in country
Posted at 1:15 AM, Aug 21, 2020

SECURITY-WIDEFIELD — Coronavirus slowed down several parts of our lives, but not when it comes to the local housing market. A report released from ranks the zip code 80911, the Security-Widefield area, as having the hottest housing market in the entire country for 2020.

The report looked at more than 16,000 zip codes, and ranked them based on the time it takes a home to sell, and how often they are viewed on According to their analysis, the median listing price for the 80911 zip code is $287,000, with homes staying on the market for an average of 13 days. That's 20 days less than a home typically is up for sale in the Colorado Springs metro area.

Danielle Barton and her family bought a home in the Security-Widefield area in 2018, and moved from their previous location near the center of Colorado Springs. Barton said the process for buying a house moved quickly. "When we bought, there weren't as many options and the options go so fast, so you really had to be on it... But it was nice because you got more for your money out here," said Barton.

Barton said they chose the area because of the amount of space in the home, the proximity to schools and hiking trails, and the affordability of the location. "We always said we never wanted to have a fixer upper, but then we found this house and the neighborhood and we fell in love," said Barton.

Broker Associate Jessica Daniels said there are several reasons buyers are choosing the Security-Widefield area right now. "I think a lot of people would find that it's very surprising that this zip code would be so incredibly enticing, but it's an older neighborhood with a lot of mature trees, the homes in that neighborhood have really good bones... Possible for people to buy, move in, have these mature trees, and then fix it up to be how they want it," said Daniels.

Plus, Daniels said the price point is much lower in Security-Widefield than in Colorado Springs. The report from shows the median listing price for Security-Widefield at $287,000, while Daniels tells News5 the median listing price for Colorado Springs is around $370,000. However, she did say bidding wars can drive those prices up in the city.

Daniels also said many people moving from another state may be accustomed to commuting for work, and could see Security-Widefield as a viable option because of it. "If you can get that much house for that price point, and still be able to commute to places like south Denver, or even Denver, it's a no-brainer for people who need to buy a house in that price point," said Daniels.

Daniels has sold several homes in the area recently, saying the real estate industry took a small hit when COVID-19 restrictions were first put into place, but she has been busy ever since being allowed to show houses again. "I think we're seeing this kind of growth and lack of inventory all over the Springs, to be honest. This zip code got singled out by factors that came up with, but we're seeing this demand for housing all over Colorado Springs," said Daniels.

Another factor playing into the housing market of the Security-Widefield area are the military bases nearby. "When it's super competitive and they're moving from out of state, I think it could pose a problem for them to try and get in on a market that moves fast, when they may not be able to be physically present," said Barton.

Still, Barton grew up in the same area, and is excited to raise her children in their new home. She does not see a reason why they would move again. "Living in the city just comes at a higher cost, and you definitely get more bang for your buck out here. You get a bigger house. Even if our median goes up, it's still going to be more affordable than a smaller house in the city center," said Barton.

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