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Be prepared for sticker shock with your 2021 property tax assessment no matter where in Colorado you live

Even rural property owners are seeing five to six figure increases
Be prepared for sticker shock with your 2021 property tax assessment no matter where in Colorado you live
Posted at 4:16 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 19:09:09-04

TELLER COUNTY — Property owners who just received their 2021 property tax assessments may be surprised to see their values have jumped up by five, even six figures from 18 months ago.

It’s a sign that the magnet attracting people to move to our state isn’t just pointed at the big cities.

Ask any Realtor, they’ll tell you that old saying.

“It’s all about location,” Woodland Park-based Realtor Bernie Vayle said. “Location, location, location.”

Especially in Colorado.

“People want to be in Colorado, people can be in Colorado,” Realtor Jason Roshek said.

For homes in teller county, things are only going one way.

“Prices are rising dramatically,” Vayle said.

But for property owners who haven’t shopped the market in a while--

“They are in for a surprise,” Vayle said.

--Their newly released property tax assessments may come with some sticker shock.

“My personal house… I think it went up $100,000,” Roshek said.

High five-figure increases from the previous assessment 18 months ago are the new normal.

“Historically in Teller County, we appreciate five percent a year,” Vayle said. “The last handful of years it’s been much higher than that, so 30 to 50 percent is not a stretch whatsoever.”

But that increase still doesn’t sit right with you, it may be worth taking some steps to keep your property taxes to a minimum.

“If we feel that it is legitimate we’re more than happy to help them protest their values,” Vayle said.

“You can get an appraisal… that can do it. You can get a Realtor to do it and they can send you comps,” Roshek said.

It’s not a sure fire bet in every case.

“Sometimes those assessed values aren’t even worth protesting, because really statistically they’re right on,” Vayle said.

But if you decide it’s worth protesting, there’s a very important date to keep in mind.

“It has to be postmarked June 1,” Roshek said.

Vayle offers her services through her Coldwell Banker First Choice brokerage, and Roshek offers his services through his team, Coldwell Banker First Choice Realty — Jason Roshek and Partners.