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Students buy formal clothes for charitable cause, instead of high cost

The CATique features dresses, jewelry, men's formal clothes, and shoes all accessible to District 60 students
Posted at 6:08 PM, Sep 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-16 20:32:24-04

PUEBLO — The second floor of Central High School is home to racks of formal clothes, ensuring none of Pueblo's District 60 students go to homecoming under-dressed.

“It started out with a minimal amount of dresses. We had a teacher from another school, who now teaches at this school, bring in some dresses and stated at that time - I have these dresses if you would like to give them to a student who might need it,” said Shirley Arriaga, Central's Community Advocate and CATique Director, reflecting on the program's growth over the last five years.

Any student in District 60 can come to the CATique and pick out a dress or men's formal clothes for a $10.00 donation that is eventually given to a charity of the program's choosing.

If students cannot afford the $10.00, they can take items home free of charge.

“It was overwhelming, the responses that we get and the look on their faces, how excited they are."

Alexis Pino, a Senior at Central High School found her perfect red dress at the Catique.

Senior Alexis Pino poses with her new homecoming dress

“This year is actually my first year going and it’s my last year so, I’m excited," said Pino.

Arriaga says the response this year has been especially large, since last year's dances were canceled.

“We had a parent come in who had been to multiple stores in the mall and it's because she says, they weren't prepared for the dances coming along again this year so they didn't order as much, so they're coming in here and finding dresses and so excited about it.”

The CATique is always happily accepting donations of not only formal dresses, but also shoes, jewelry, and men's clothes.

For more information, call 719-549-7300 or stop in foyer of Central High School.