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Sachs Foundation pairs up with Team Boss to help students

Posted at 10:03 AM, Aug 26, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS — Since 1931, the Sachs Foundation has helped African American students in the Pikes Peak region succeed by awarding scholarships to high achieving students.

“We just admire them for their humanity and how much they want to give back to the people of their communities," said Ben Ralston, President of the Sachs Foundation.

Those who are granted the undergraduate scholarship can be awarded up to 50,000 dollars for four years of study. And there’s one quality they look for specifically at the Sachs Foundation when reviewing applications.

"It's a group of young people who are not only academically at the top of their classes, but who work to help their families, who support their communities, who establish nonprofits and start podcasts," said Ralston.

The foundation’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Many groups, including a group of Olympic runners known as “Team Boss” have teamed up with the Sachs Foundation. Last year, Team Boss reached a big goal. Three members of the group were able to break a mile record in the state of Colorado, raising $30,000 in scholarships.

“The passion and dedication that they have is inspiring and not just that, but the logistics of how long the athletes trained to make this happen, trying to find the right venue where they could break the record, the amount of training that they did up in the mountains leading up to it," said Ralston.

Those at the Sachs Foundation say they’re thankful for the continued support from Team Boss and they hope inspired students will apply for scholarships.