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'It was a perfect night:' Pueblo community rallies for teen with rare, incurable disease

Posted at 5:38 PM, Aug 25, 2022

PUEBLO — A Pueblo teen with a rare and incurable disease got the prom of her life.

13-year-old Amaria Granger was diagnosed with Niemann Pick C over four years ago. The disease affects her ability to metabolize fat causing them to malfunction and eventually die.

"Since my daughter has been diagnosed, I haven't had a reason to dress up, she hasn't had a reason to dress up, this was just an amazing opportunity," said Mandy Baxter.

It was a prom night that Amaria will never forget.

"We hosted a red carpet event so we made sure a red carpet and lights. We had a photo-booth, food, and it was a really good night," said Baxter.

To help fulfill her dream of going to prom, and walking a red carpet. Big life moments she may not get the chance to do.

"Every few months, we lose a little more and a little more. I don't know where we are going to be six months from now so pushing it off wasn't an option," said Baxter.

That's why she decided to throw the ultimate prom. The Eagleridge Event Center donated the space, but like many parents she worried about other kids not showing up.

"We knew we had adults, and some disabled kids coming, but in order for it to feel like a prom, I knew we needed high school kids dancing, and doing the things that these kids can't do," said Baxter.

She posted on social media for them to come. Sure enough Pueblo County High School Junior Eloise Bargewell saw the post.

"At first, I just said I'll invite my brother, and then I thought it would be a good idea for my whole team to come," said Bargewell.

She rallied not only her volleyball team, but students in both District 60 and 70.

"We did the dancing, the pictures with her, and pictures with each other. We were all out there together, just like a family," said Bargewell.

To help create a true prom experience.

"These are the events that help bring the community together," said said Bargewell.

She wants to continue the tradition to help other kids like Amaria.

"I want other parents to feel what I felt so we are going to do it next year. Crown a new King and Queen, and we're going to do every year moving forward," said Baxter.