Search for missing wedding pictures goes viral in Colorado

Photographer offers reward for missing SD card box
Posted at 6:32 AM, Jun 11, 2019

DENVER — It was a dream wedding for Kacie and Troy Sanford, two Texans who tied the knot Friday in beautiful Berthoud, Colorado.

Kacie's best friend, photographer Lenzi Holmes, flew up from Fort Worth, Texas, to photograph the event, shooting countless pictures she put on SD cards inside a case reminiscent of those old CD cases you would flip open to find what you were looking for.

On Saturday, Holmes and her husband checked out of the Hilton Denver City Center hotel, then drove through Boulder and into the mountains to sightsee before flying back to Texas. At Denver International Airport, Holmes realized her SD case was gone. She grabbed a cab and frantically tried to retrace her steps.

"I had a severe panic attack," she said. "I went to our car rental place, I went to the last place we filled up with gas, and dug through the trash there; I went back to the hotel."

The pictures were nowhere to be found, and Holmes told KMGH she could barely find the strength to call the couple and tell them the news.

When she did, she was stunned by Kacie's response.

"I told her I loved her. I love her and who she is and I wouldn't want anyone else there on my day," Kacie said. "We have one beautiful shot that we will keep forever, and if we cherish that one, we cherish that one... and it's OK."

Holmes posted a plea on social media, offering a $1,000 reward for the case. Immediately, generous Coloradans offered to help. As of Tuesday morning, the Facebook post had more than 7,000 shares.

"I thought Texas was nice but Colorado has upped the game," Holmes said.

So far, the SD card case still hasn't been found, but Kacie says if someone can find her wedding pictures, well, that's simply an added bonus from a perfect day.

"What the contents are, are really priceless," Kacie said. "So if we could get it back, that would be wonderful.".