The Podium: Winter Olympians' front row seat to climate change

Posted at 1:19 AM, Feb 18, 2022

Two things that every Winter Olympian needs to compete in their sports are snow and ice.

But given the omnipresent effects of climate change, it’s hard to ignore the reality of glaciers receding and snow levels dropping. For United States skier Paula Moltzan, she’s had a front-row seat to the distressing spectacle of climate change, having visited venues where athletes could train in the past but can no longer use today because there is no longer snow.

In Day 13’s episode of The Podium, Moltzan discusses her firsthand experience with training amid a rapid changing climate.

Then, On Her Turf editor Alex Azzi joins the podcast to recap conversations she’s had with various Olympians who are concerned about the future of snow and ice.