Olympic Handball Day 10: Angola, South Korea women tie high-scoring shootout, Hungary shocks Sweden to move on

Posted at 12:33 AM, Aug 02, 2021

Sixty-two goals in thrilling Group A deadlock


Angola and South Korea are unlikely to scale the podium when the women's handball medals are awarded at the Tokyo Olympics, but the two teams languishing at the bottom of the Group A standings sure entertained their respective audiences Monday at Yoyogi National Stadium, where a thrilling 31-31 tie left both teams with a record of 1-1-3.

Angola led at the half, 17-16, and it was back and forth the rest of the way, with South Korea salvaging the tie by scoring with 11 seconds left on the clock.

France beats Brazil to boost chances


Mired in the middle of the Group B standings, France's women picked up a huge win over Brazil, 29-22

Hoping to upgrade from the silver medal they won at Rio 2016, the Frenchwomen improved to 2-1-2 in the group, which allows them to advance.

The top four teams in each group earn a spot in the quarterfinals. Brazil fell to 1-1-3 and will not be moving on.

Spain's loss to ROC proves costly


Spain needed a win to assure itself of a spot in the quarters, but despite falling to the Russian Olympic Committee's team, 34-31, the Spaniards looked likely to move on, anyway.

If, that is, unbeaten Sweden got past one-win Hungary in the Group B finale.

It did not. Spain is out.

Hungary scores shocking upset, moves on


Sweden didn't have much to lose, and it lost. That wasn't he story.

The story was Hungary, which entered the match almost certain to be leaving Tokyo before the quarters. Instead the Hungarian women played with a passion not seen prior, and they turned away every comeback the Swedes tried to mount.

The result? A postmatch celebration to remember, and a precious spot in those quarters.