Fremont County DA files new criminal charges against man at center of News 5 Investigation

Posted at 11:42 PM, Sep 15, 2017

The Fremont County District Attorney’s Office has filed formal charges against a man at the center of a News 5 Investigation back in June.

Richard Fay is now charged with criminal mischief and defacing property. In November 2016, Fay admitted to vandalizing his ex’s house after she wanted to break off the relationship. A mail carrier called police after noticing Hansen’s front door was wide open. The carrier also saw graffiti inside the house.

Police contacted Fay outside the home, but never charged him with vandalism. Instead, he was arrested on unrelated drug charges.

After News 5 Investigates started questioning police about how the handled this case, they promised to take a second look into the matter.

This week, District Attorney Molly Chilson called News 5, telling us that new charges had been filed against Fay.

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